Therapy for Couples and Families

Learn how to improve your communication and overall happiness

Are one or both (or all) of you storming out of the room before you can finish the conversation? Is it difficult to understand your loved one’s actions or intentions? Do you often feel misheard or misunderstood?

If you’re emotionally exhausted when it comes to a specific person in your life and you know something needs to change, we’re here to help. At SideDoor Counseling we specialize in therapy for couples and families who struggle to find peace.

We help couples learn how to:

  • Talk and listen to each other
  • Express your needs 
  • Resolve conflicts outside of therapy
  • Validate instead of blame
  • More quickly identify patterns that create conflict or cause pain
  • Identify how you’re showing up in the relationship
  • Understand what you’re each bringing to the conversation

We help families learn how to:

  • Develop better communication
  • Use reflective listening skills
  • Notice buttons not to push
  • Prevent and work through resentments
  • Function within difficult family dynamics
  • Understand where each person is coming from and their experiences
  • Identify the role that each family member plays

What our clients are saying...

“My partner tells me, ‘It’s so nice to see you happy again.’”

- Anonymous

How we can work with you

One of the methods we often use is called Emotion-Focused Family Therapy. It can teach those in a family or relationship dynamic about their own coping skills and how to remind their loved ones what that means for them.

We can help you learn how to communicate with more ease, validation, and genuine care for one another. We’ll work together to understand what it means to enable your loved ones’ negative behaviors, hear their struggles, allow those struggles to keep moving forward, and what’s helpful or unhelpful to say in a particular moment. 

We’ll help you learn how to deal with being triggered, how to cope with hearing things that you don’t want to hear, and how sometimes it’s not always about making it better but more about not making it worse.

Are you ready to feel less stressed about engaging with your loved ones?